When a person is arrested and charged with a criminal offence, the first and foremost concern is to ensure that person is released from custody.

It is clear that your chances for success in a case are greatly increased if you are out of custody while awaiting your trial. It is easier for you to get information that will assist your case. The stress you feel will be greatly alleviated. It goes without saying: it is better to be out of custody than to be in.

If you have been arrested and taken into custody, you must be brought before a justice of the peace for a bail hearing within 24 hours. This means that bail hearings are often held at odd times and that your lawyer must be prepared to act quickly. Caryma Sa'd is capable of rendering her services for a bail hearing at any time of the day, any day of the week.

When charged with a criminal offence, remember these key points:

• Finding the right lawyer to defend you is the most important decision you will need to make. Caryma Sa'd will put you in the best possible position to deal with your case.

• Being charged with a criminal offence does not mean that you have a criminal record. You will only receive a criminal record if you are convicted of the offence.

•  You have the right to a trial. Just because you are charged criminally does not mean that you are guilty, or that you should plead guilty.

•  You have the right to make full answer and defence. You have the right to every piece of pertinent disclosure that the crown has. You have the right to call witnesses in your defence and testify on your own behalf.

•  The prosecution must prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt at trial. This is a very high standard for the crown to meet. It is never the job of the person charged with an offence to prove that they are innocent. The prosecution must prove that the person is guilty, and must do so to this very high standard of proof beyond a reasonable doubt.